Harvard’s Top Brain Coach Reveals:

How I manifested $89,000 in just nine days thanks to a nighttime brain-building trick that accelerates your “ability level” to manifestation 3.0

“Honey we got you a job lined up at the dress factory around the corner...You should’ve gotten a scholarship if you wanted to go to Harvard.

You’re just going to have to write them and say you’re sorry, but you can't attend.

But make sure to thank them for accepting you anyway.”

That’s what my father said to me after I was accepted to Harvard University.

Hi, my name is Mary Lee

(OK, so that’s not my real name...but more on that later.)

Today I’m a Harvard-trained psychologist and brain coach to Hollywood stars, Olympic athletes, Navy Seals, and other high-level performers.

But this almost never happened.

And what I’m about to share with you is how I went from being heartbroken and beaten down…

Destined to live out my days working as a seamstress in a factory...

To manifesting $89,000 in just nine days.

So that I could achieve my dream of studying psychology at Harvard University.

And while my father’s words may sound harsh...

It really wasn't his fault.

We simply didn't have the $89,000 needed to pay the tuition.

After all, we were living in government-supplied housing and barely scraping by as it was.

And time was up.

Harvard needs their money in 9 days if I were to attend that semester.

I’d tried everything to
scrounge up the money.

Getting a 2nd, and then 3rd job...

Writing letters to politicians begging for financial assistance…

Practicing the Law of Attraction…

Trying to manifest the cash...

Meditating (or at least trying)...

But nothing worked.

I could practically see my dreams circling the toilet bowl as they were flushed away right before my eyes.

And to top it all off, my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me later that night.

The man I thought I was going to marry...

Abandoned me in my darkest hour, like a racehorse with a broken leg.

And while it was an extremely painful time in my life, I’m actually thankful for the way it played out.

Because it led me to discover a powerful breakthrough on manifestation.

All thanks to a nighttime brain-building routine that I accidentally stumbled across.

One that addresses the root cause of the manifestation problem we have in modern times.

And I am SO excited to share this with you today because ANYONE can take this discovery and become a manifestation expert practically overnight.

No matter what level you're at right now, this will boost your manifestation ability to the highest level (3.0).

This isn't some woo-woo junk that you see floating around the internet these days either.

This is backed by Harvard research that I’ll share with you in just a minute.

Just make sure you read this presentation all the way to the end today.

As I said, my name is
Mary Lee.

And while I’m known among the top performers across the globe for being the go-to brain coach…

It wasn't always this way.

And it was only made possible thanks to the nighttime brain-building routine I accidentally discovered.

You see, I grew up poor.

We lived in “the projects” and never had any money to spare.

Our main source of calories was white rice.

We never went on a vacation.

And sometimes the power would be cut off because we were behind on the bill.

But nonetheless, I was ambitious.

I saw the toll that poverty took on my mother and father.

And I vowed to break the cycle of despair.

I had a dream to study psychology at Harvard and become a leading expert in the field.

But those dreams are hard to achieve when you come from poverty.

So after I toiled and worked my butt off to get through school, I applied to Harvard.

Hoping I would be granted acceptance and a scholarship.

And then the day came.

There was a letter in the mail from the dean himself!

My hands shook as I opened the envelope, afraid of what I might find inside.

And I almost fell on the floor when I saw that I had been ACCEPTED!

I couldn't believe it.

All the hard work was paying off and I was going to achieve my dream.

Or so I thought…

There was only one problem.

While I had been accepted into the school, there was no scholarship available for me.

I had to pony up $89,000 in just a few short months if I wanted to attend.

My heart sank.

It seemed impossible.

There was no way I was going to
come up with that money.

But instead of moping around, I got to work.

I wrote letters to government officials begging for money.


I focused on using the Law of Attraction to make the $89,000 come to me.


I tried meditating for hours a day while attempting to manifest the money into my life.


Well, nothing but frustration anyway.

No matter what I did, I wasn't getting any closer to my goal.

Until it all came to a head that fateful day.

The money was due in only 9 days, And I was still pretty much flat broke.

And that’s when my father told me about the job at the factory.

The one he’d lined up for me since it was clear I wasn’t going to be able to come up with the money to attend Harvard.

And if that weren’t bad enough, another blow came that same day.

My boyfriend decided to dump me later that evening.

I guess he didn’t want to be with a loser.

It felt like I’d reached rock bottom.

My entire future had been turned upside down in a day.

It was too much for me to process, so I ran into the streets.

I just ran and ran until it felt like my lungs and heart were both going to explode.

Until then I’d reached a little park that I knew about.

Little did I know that trip to the park would change the course of my entire life.

Frankly, I had no idea why I was there or what I was expecting to find.

I just had to get away.

Plus It always felt like the park had a peaceful energy to it.

Just being there made me feel a bit calmer.

After all, I was a mess.

I’d been “ugly crying” for hours and my mascara was running down my cheeks.

I just felt so defeated.

I was just about to give up the whole idea that I could actually attend Harvard.

There was just no way I was going to be able to come up with the money now.

I sat down on a bench underneath some shady trees and cried some more.

I’d worked so hard just to get to this point.

Just to get accepted into Harvard.

And now my dreams all came to an abrupt halt.

Then a voice startled me.

“Hi I’m Janet, is everything alright?”

I hadn't even noticed that a woman sat down beside me.

When I looked up I saw it was an elderly woman.

She had a soft glow about her and seemed friendly and inviting.

I wiped my tears away and told her I was fine.

But as she peered into my eyes and asked the next question...well it’s hard to explain…

But it felt like she was peering into my soul.

Almost like she already knew exactly why I was crying.

“Are you sure honey? Would you like a tissue?”

And it was at that moment that I noticed her necklace glinting in the sunlight.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

She had a Harvard charm on a chain around her neck.

I looked back up at her, my eyes as big as saucers…

And completely spilled my guts.

Told her about my journey…

How thrilled I was when I got into Harvard…

And how soul-crushing it felt trying to come up with the tuition money and coming up empty-handed.

And with only a short time left until my first semester was due to start…

The task seemed impossible
at this point.

After I’d spilled my guts to Janet, I felt a bit lighter

It’s hard to explain just how relieving it felt to get it off my chest.

It felt so amazing like I’d just liberated myself from a heavy burden.

Maybe it was because this woman was actually listening.

And really seemed to care.

I don’t know.

And as great as that felt, it pales in comparison to what was to come.

Because what happened next is where the story really gets crazy.

After telling Janet my whole story, she smiled and asked if I could answer a few questions for her.

She said she might be able to help me.

I had nothing to lose and she seemed friendly enough…

So I figured, why not?

And after 5 minutes of seemingly random questions about myself…

Janet told me she knew why I wasn’t able to come up with the money I needed

She went on…

“You're stuck in the lowest level of manifestation ability - Manifestation level 1.0.

There are 3 levels of manifestation ability and you need to be at least at level 2.0 to really manifest anything in your life.

But level 3.0 is where the real magic happens.

And I can help you get there thanks to a nighttime brain-building ritual I discovered while at Harvard myself.

More on that in a minute…

But first I need to explain a couple of things to you.

Because like I said, you’re stuck at the lowest level there is, which is why your efforts have been fruitless up till now.

It’s not your fault though dear.

Here’s the problem.

As we age certain parts of our brain shrink.1

Specifically, the frontal cortex.

I couldn't believe it.

So the fact that it’s shrinking is bad news.

It’s the reason our memory gets worse as we age.

And it’s the same reason most people can't manifest their way out of a wet paper bag.

They're stuck in what I call manifestation level 1.0.

This is where you're at.

Let me ask you this...

Have you ever heard of neuroplasticity?”

I just shook my head no...
staring at Janet wide-eyed.

“It’s the name scientists gave to the idea that the structure of our brains changes over time.

Meaning new neural pathways are formed as we age and others fade away over time.

And study after study has shown that we strengthen whichever neural pathways we use most often.

Of course, the opposite is true of the ones we don’t use.

They weaken and weaken until they reach the point of being pretty much useless.

And unless you’ve been practicing manifestation since birth, those neural pathways are pretty much dead by the time you're a teenager.

So that part of your brain isn't working as well anymore.

And in this case, it’s causing your frontal cortex to shrink.

But luckily modern science has shown that there's a way to change your brain.

And I mean literally change your brain. In the physical sense.

So that your brain actually grows in the parts that are lacking.

Literally making your brain bigger!

And in our case, we're talking about the frontal cortex.

The part that controls your manifestation abilities.

But there are two ways to do it.

The easy way. (Which also happens to be wayyy faster.)

Or the hard way. The “traditional” way.

Check this out.

A 2005 Harvard study2 shows that meditation can literally restructure your brain

So that you can revive the “dead” neural pathways that you haven’t used in years.

Which actually thickens your brain.

Literally growing your brain, making it larger.

And this is how you can regrow your frontal cortex.

In fact, studies have shown that “50-year-old meditators had the same amount of gray matter as 25-year-olds1.”

That “gray matter” being the frontal cortex!

And thanks to modern technology such as fMRI machines (functional magnetic resonance imaging)...

We can now see with our own eyes what regrowing your brain actually looks like.

(Which is where the term “gray matter” comes from!)

Why is this important?

Well, it’s simple really.

You see, we are all born with the ability to manifest abundance into our lives.

It’s a gift the universe gave to us.

Problem is, modern society has all but forgotten about this.

So most people are stuck at the manifestation level 1.

Because we’ve ignored how the universe intended things to be…

And we went and screwed things up.

Until we got to where we are today.

Today’s attitude is WORK HARDER.

But working hard isn’t how money is actually made.

It’s a lie modern society has sold us.

One that the 1%ers want us to believe so they can keep a death grip on their massive wealth.

Ever wonder how CEOs and Instagram influencers can make millions each year by only “working” a few hours a week?

While you see others working 60, 70, 80+ hours a week and yet are barely scraping by?

Because like I was saying, that’s not how real wealth is made.”

That’s where I had to butt in.

“But Janet, I’ve tried meditation and nothing happened for me. And I definitely don't have the time now. The money is due in 9 days.”

“Exactly!” Janet shouted.

“That’s exactly the problem!

A famous Harvard neuroscientist Sara L3. says that it takes at least 8 weeks of intense meditation to start seeing growth in the brain…

And 98% of people quit before
they ever see any results.

Staying stuck at manifestation level 1.0

So while it’s great that meditation has that kind of power…

It’s useless if 98% of the population can't do it.

And the folks who really need it the most, are so busy working they don't have time to master meditation anyway.

That's where this nighttime brain-building bedtime routine comes in.

Because it automatically does the work for you.

Restructuring your brain and growing your frontal cortex…

So you can upgrade your manifestation ability to the next level.

All you have to do is throw these audio tracks on when you lay down to go to sleep…

And they put your brain into “meditation mode” automatically.

Which is great news for the 98% of us that will never master meditation.

That way you're actually able to upgrade your manifestation level.

Remember how I said there are 3 levels of manifestation ability?

There are 3 different doors you can walk through when you go to communicate with the universe…

All depending on what level you're at 1.0 2.0 or 3.0

And this nighttime brain-building routine will not only upgrade your manifestation level automatically…

It does so much faster than meditation would.

This is like meditation on STEROIDS.

Without any of the work!

Because to really manifest any type of abundance at all, you need to be at least at manifestation level 2.0.


The 3rd level is where the magic really happens.

Where you’ll be able to manifest pretty much anything you want.

If you're interested in having more than just “the basics”.

All of this is possible because of this nighttime brain-building routine that grows your frontal cortex for you while you sleep!

And once those neural pathways are functional again…

You’ll be able to manifest anything your heart desires.”

I sat there for a moment.

I’m pretty sure my mouth was wide open as I stared at Janet in near-disbelief.

But the woman went to Harvard herself!

Why would she make this up?

And why did she give off such positive energy?

I’d never met anyone with an aura that I could practically see.

Besides, at this point I was desperate.

So I asked Janet if she would share this nighttime brain-building routine with me.

She smiled and said she was hoping I’d ask her that.

Then she reached in her bag and pulled something out.

She handed me an old-school CD and told me to play it when I laid down to go to sleep.

I kinda giggled since I hadn't seen a CD in years, but luckily I still had a CD player at home.

I thanked her, grabbed her contact info, and started running back to my house.

When I got home, I threw the CD in and just sat there for a minute.

Am I crazy?

Can this really be legit?

Could it really be as easy as Janet made it sound?

But once again...what did I really have to lose?

So I turned off the lights, pressed play, and laid in bed.

The tracks on the CD were hardly noticeable but were incredibly soothing.

So I fell asleep rather quickly.

I woke the next day feeling surprisingly refreshed after all I’d been through the day before.

And I wondered to myself…

Would I be able to upgrade my manifestation level in just a short time?

Would any money come in today?

I got right to work first thing that morning.

I started writing emails. This time to a connection that Janet had at the Catholic church in town.

Then to a wealthy donor who had a library named in his honor.

I even wrote to psychology foundations telling them my story.

Before I knew it, night had crept in.

I’d spent the whole day writing emails begging people for donations so

I could attend Harvard.

Even though I’d had no success before, I was hoping this time would be different.

It was bedtime so I went to
play the CD again.

But I stood there for a minute, thinking I was a whole day closer to the deadline and I hadn't gotten one cent closer to my goal.

Feeling discouraged, I hit play anyway and went to sleep.

I was jarred awake by the sound of the phone ringing.

And I couldn't believe what the voice on the other end was telling me.

It was an anonymous donor wanting to mail me a check for $6,500!

After I hung up, I just sat there for a minute, my head spinning.

What had changed?

I wasn't able to manifest a dime before, and already I had $6,500 before the sun even rose!

Of course, I still had a long way to go, but what if I kept doing the nighttime brain-building routine that Janet shared with me?

Could I really reach Manifestation level 2.0? Or even 3.0?

But then the next day I woke up to an email saying the priest from the catholic church had $10,000 he’d been wanting to donate to a special cause, and he’d chosen me!

The replies kept flooding in.

It felt like I was witnessing a miracle in the works.

By the time the tuition was due for Harvard, I had $86,534 in my bank account!

I called up Janet, tears of joy streaming down my face.

I was going to Harvard!

But deep down, I felt guilty.

Why should I keep this amazing secret all to myself?

I asked Janet if we could share this nighttime brain-building routine with the world.

But to my surprise, she said no.

Saying I had to focus on my studies at Harvard, not spreading a global message that would take up all of my time and energy.

So we came to an agreement.

If I graduated from Harvard, we could share the nighttime brain-building routine with the rest of the world.

It was on.

Well, I’ve graduated from Harvard, and that’s why you're seeing this webpage today.

And I’ve worked with Janet and a top-notch recording team, to switch the tracks from CD to digital form.

After testing them on dozens of people, we’re thrilled to introduce:

Manifestation 3.0

The only manifestation program that addresses the root cause of our poor manifestation abilities...

Your shrinking frontal cortex!

And I’m proud to say that Manifestation 3.0 is backed up by research from my alma mater, Harvard University.

But Manifestation 3.0 is only available here on this website.

At least for now.

If you can see this page today, you are blessed.

Because the sad part is, there are people out there who don't want this information revealed.

The one-percenters who desperately want to keep 99% of the wealth for themselves.

Afraid that once the rest of the population catches on to the real secret to manifesting wealth (or whatever else your heart desires…

That they won't be sitting on the top anymore.

So there’s a real possibility this page won't be up much longer.

That’s why I’m urging you to take action right away.

So you're not left sitting on the outside all because these powerful people go their way.

Now, Manifestation 3.0 is not something that takes 8 weeks to start seeing results.

And you sure as heck don't have to “master” anything.

All you do is follow this simple nighttime brain-building routine...

And it will put your brain in “meditation mode” automatically.

Literally growing your frontal cortex in your sleep.

And upgrading your manifestation level effortlessly.

Until you reach the “magic zone” of Manifestation level 3.0.

Where anything you can dream up, can become reality.

Now, everyone's time frame for reaching Manifestation 3.0 is a little bit different.

But I promise you WILL
experience results.

So you can start manifesting a life of abundance like the universe intended us to.

Now that you are growing and using your frontal lobe again.

Because as I said earlier, Manifestation 3.0 is the only manifestation program on the planet that addresses this root problem.

Regrowing the neural pathways in the frontal lobe of your brain.

Which actually causes that frontal lobe to grow itself.

Turning you into a manifestation machine.

Without wasting months on end mastering meditation.

Or without wasting tons of money on any of the “get rich quick” schemes that are all over the internet.

And certainly without having to work any harder.

In fact with Manifestation 3.0, you don't have to do any work at all.

All you do is throw on these audio tracks when you go to sleep and these carefully engineered sounds take care of it for you.

Putting your brain into hyper-meditation mode while you sleep.

It’s as easy as hitting the “play button!’

I’m thrilled to be able to deliver this amazing news to you today.

But there is one thing I need to warn you about.

There are some well-known manifestation “gurus” that want this website taken down.

Specifically, those who make a ton of money selling lengthy meditation programs.

Apparently, they don't like that we’ve found a way to replicate meditation…

Without the long, drawn-out classes…

And without all the hard work that 98% of people will never master anyway.

I’m not going to name any names here, but it’s a shame these folks care more about making money than helping people.

Nonetheless, I urge you to err on the side of caution.

The fact that you can see this web page right now is great news for you.

These gurus have hired hackers and have already tried crashing this site a couple of times.

My advice is to claim your copy of Manifestation 3.0 right now while you have the chance.

I honestly don't know how much
longer you’ll be able to find this.

So it’s imperative you take action today if you even think you want Manifestation 3.0.

Look, I’m on a personal mission here.

I want as many people as possible to get their hands on this incredible breakthrough.

It makes my heart heavy to think about all the people out there not living out their dreams.

All because modern society has lost its way.

And all but forgotten about how we used to use manifestation.

I wanted to study psychology at Harvard so I could help people.

And since discovering the power behind Manifestation 3.0, I can't imagine anything that would help people more.

And unlike that “gurus” that are trying to have my website taken off the internet…

I’m not in this for the money.

Frankly, as someone who’s already at manifestation level 3.0…

I don't really need the money.

What drives me is my mission.

My mission to help as many people as people live the life they were meant to live.

The way the universe intended for us to live.

And after seeing the amazing results from the initial round of testing, I couldn't be more excited to share Manifestation 3.0 with the rest of the world.

Take Melissa from L.A. for example:

I never believed in manifestation before. I thought it was all woo-woo crap. But seeing all the evidence from Harvard researchers made me curious. So I gave it shot anyway. And boy am I glad I did. I was able to manifest my dream job in just a matter of days! My life will never be the same with this power in my back pocket.

Then there’s Barbara from Portland:

When I met Mary I was going through my 3rd divorce. I’d always been in abusive relationships and just wanted to be with someone that loved me. Then she told me about her new manifestation program. I really didn’t believe in manifestation before, but I figured “what the heck.”

Let me just say that it was a lifesaver for me. Now I’m engaged to my soulmate and I couldn’t be happier. It’s amazing to me that you can actually manifest your soulmate into your life like this. This is truly an incredible life-changing program.

After the initial testing, I received email after email from folks telling me how it’s completely transformed their lives.

And because of the mind-blowing results, many people have suggested we sell this program for upwards of $10,000.

But when you invest in yourself today it won't cost you anywhere near that.

In fact, it won't even be a fraction of that.

Since my mission in life is to help as many people as possible, I’ve made the price insanely low…

So there’s no barrier for folks who want to transform their lives.

That’s why I’ve lowered the investment down all the way to less than 50 bucks.

Original Price: $170 $97

Now for only: $37

Get Instant Access 365 Days Moneyback Guarantee

But ya know what?

I didn’t stop there.

Because along the way I came across some cool additions that complement manifestation 3.0 perfectly.

So I’ve decided to include them with your investment today as FREE bonuses.

Bonus #1

Another downfall to the modern world is an abundance of stress.

Unfortunately, society has normalized the constant pressure cooker we live in.

So now it’s almost a point of pride to be stressed to the max.

But it’s not the way we used to live.

Humans were really designed to shoulder the kind of stress that modern living has pushed on us.

And it’s taking a toll on us.

And while boosting your manifestation level will certainly help relieve some stress, we are still living in a crazy stressful world.

So I decided to throw a little bonus for anyone who invests in Manifestation 3.0.

You see, science hast shown that certain sounds from nature have a calming effect on us humans.

Lowering stress levels and the release of cortisol. Which has negative effects on our bodies (like weight gain, brain fog, etc).

So I had the best quality recording made up by the top sound engineers on the planet.

Capturing the most relaxing sounds from nature and converting them to a digital track that you can listen to anywhere, anytime.

It wasn’t cheap so I normally sell them for $69 on another website I own.

But it’s yours FREE when you invest in Manifestation 3.0 today.

Bonus #2

But I didn’t stop there.

Sleep is yet another victim of modern times.

It’s affecting us much the same way that stress is.

A bunch of zombies walking around over-stressed and sleep-deprived.

If it’s been a while since you’ve gotten a real good night’s sleep, let me tell you…

It is a game-changer.

That’s why I decided to throw in another bonus for you today.

Digital tracks that are designed to put you to sleep fast.

These cutting-edge audio tracks are engineered to actually slow your brain waves down.

Putting you into a deep sleep quickly and safely. (No dangerous pills needed!)

I call it Sleep Accelerator.

I normally charge $49 just for these sleep-inducing tracks alone.

But they’re yours FREE today when you place your order for Manifestation 3.0.

Bonus #3

There’s one last thing I want to throw in since you’re committing to changing the course of your life.

It’s a track I had engineered to help ease anxiety.

Because even though the changes coming into your life will be overwhelmingly good…

Life change still creates anxiety.

Achieving your dreams still brings anxiety with it.

Which can suck some of the joy out of your life when you should be feeling elated.

And I wanted a way to calm my nerves before going on big trips or going into important business meetings.

That’s why I created Anxiety Tamer.

An audio track that tames your anxiety while major life changes are happening.

I was originally going to sell it alone for $49.

But it’s yours FREE as a bonus when you invest in Manifestation 3.0 today.

And just to be clear you get Manifestation 3.0 and these 3 bonuses all for just less than $50 today.

So if you’d like to reach manifestation level 3.0 yourself…

AND score the 3 amazing bonuses for free…

Click the “Add To Cart” button that’s below right now.

Original Price: $170 $97

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When you do, you’ll arrive on a “checkout page” where you’ll enter your order info.

And rest assured that your info is 100% safe and secure with us.

We’ve hired the best ex-military encryption coders to ensure our site is secure.

After you enter your info and hit “submit”...

You’ll arrive at a page where you can download your copy.

And you’ll have immediate access to Manifestation 3.0.

That’s one of the reasons we wanted to make this a digital product.

Because you will be able to download it and start using Manifestation 3.0 today.

Talk about an immediate return on your investment!

Which brings me to one more thing.

The very mention of the word investment.

I know that word can immediately trigger fear for some folks.

Because some people just think “risk” when they hear the word investment.

But that’s not the kind of investment you're making today.

Yes, you are investing in yourself, in your family, and in your future..

So that you can live a better life sooner than later.

But there’s absolutely no risk involved with this investment.

In fact, I’m giving you a ONE-YEAR,
100% money-back guarantee when you
invest in Manifestation 3.0 today.

I want to make the decision as easy as possible for you today.

That’s why I’ve decided to shoulder all the risks here.

While I'm confident that you will have amazing results just like tvhe other people you’ve read about today…

I want to make sure you feel comfortable when you make this small investment today.

So if at any time in the next year, you decide that you're not getting your money’s worth out of Manifestation 3.0...

Simply shoot me an email and I will refund you right-away.

No questions asked.

Who knows…

Maybe you're not ready for that kind of life transformation right now.

And that’s ok.

So I want to make sure you're not risking any of your hard-earned dough on something you're not quite ready for.

Which means you really have nothing to lose.

Making this as much of a no-brainer as possible.

So when you're ready, go ahead and click the “Add to Cart” button below.

And you’ll have Manifestation 3.0 downloaded within minutes.

Original Price: $170 $97

Now for only: $37

Get Instant Access 365 Days Moneyback Guarantee

Now, I understand taking action can be scary…

But what's scarier to me is NOT taking action.

Especially when it's a safe, calculated action like investing in Manifestation 3.0, which is 100% risk-free.

Look, you have two paths in front of you right now.

The first path is just to continue on the way you have been.

Keep doing what you've been doing.

And continue to block the flow of wealth and abundance in your life.

And guess what?

Nothing is going to change.

Things will just keep going as they were going.

But now you have a second path.

One that you’ve never seen before.

And while this path is unfamiliar…

It’s filled with unimaginable abundance.

It’s impossible to describe how it feels to not have to worry about money anymore.

It is so incredibly liberating and uplifting…

It’s the life of true freedom that the universe intended for us before all this modernization ruined things.

If you want that life of true freedom and happiness for your family, there’s really no other option.

And frankly, I think we both know that it’s no coincidence that you landed on this page today.

So if you're ready to embrace your new life of abundance, take a deep breath…

And click the “Add to Cart” button below.

I cannot wait to see what's in store for you.

Original Price: $170 $97

Now for only: $37

Get Instant Access 365 Days Moneyback Guarantee

And just one last reminder that this page probably won't be on the internet much longer.

The manifestation gurus I was telling you about earlier have already crashed this site once.

But their tactics are becoming more advanced and I don't know if or when I’ll be able to get this up and running again.

So I urge you to take action right now since you still can.

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Still here?

I get it, you probably have some questions.

So I’ll take a minute and cover the most common ones we get right now.


I’ve tried manifestation programs before and none of them worked. What makes this one different?

That’s because Manifestation 3.0 is the only program that focuses on the root cause of our manifestation problems. Regrowing your frontal cortex and reviving those dead neural pathways.

Any other approach isn’t going to work because they aren’t focused on what is causing the actual problem. Manifestation 3.0 regrows your frontal cortex while you’re sleeping so you can start manifesting the life of your dreams!


Is Manifestation 3.0 scientifically proven to work?

Absolutely. Manifestation 3.0 is based on research from Harvard University in addition to well-established brain researches. There have been studies all over the world showing the benefits of improving our frontal cortex function.


What if I decide it’s not right for me?

The first step would be to contact us so that we can help you determine if you’re using the program correctly.

But remember, you literally take zero risk with Manifestation 3.0.

You have a full 365-day, 100% money back guarantee! If at any point during the one year, you decide it’s not for you, you can request for a full refund. Every penny. No hassle...not a single question. You don’t even have to return the product.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!


What will happen to all the other manifestation material I’ve learned?

Well, right now, your Manifestation Level is part of what’s holding you back... until you raise your Manifestation ability to the next level. Then... watch out! With a higher Manifestation ability, , your frontal cortex will ACTIVATE much of that previous learning and training.

The sky’s the limit!


How soon should I expect results?

Every person is different, and every brain responds differently to Manifestation 3.0. Some experience powerful results the very first moment they put their headphones on.

Others take some time. We ask that you use as directed for a few days before you fully evaluate your results.

Keep this in mind: the results become cumulative. The longer, and more consistently you use Manifestation 3.0, the more dramatic your results will be.


Are there any harmful side-effects with Manifestation 3.0?

None. The only warning is to NOT use Manifestation 3.0 while driving a vehicle or operating equipment.


I’m not sure if I want Manifestation 3.0 today. Can I come back and get it later?

Once you leave this page today, I can't guarantee that you’ll ever be able to get Manifestation 3.0 ever again. As I mentioned earlier, there are manifestation “gurus” out there that want this page shut down ASAP. This program could literally put them out of business. And they don’t want to see their multi-million dollar cash cow to go away.

That’s why I’m giving you a 100% money-back guarantee. So if you’re not sure today, you can go ahead and claim your copy of Manifestation 3.0 at no risk to you.

If you decide that it’s not for you, I’ll refund your money, no question asked. So there’s literally no risk to say “YES” today!

Original Price: $170 $97

Now for only: $37

Get Instant Access 365 Days Moneyback Guarantee






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