Upgrade Your Manifestation
Ability with Manifestation 3.0

Recommended Usage:

Manifestation 3.0 program consists of 3 audio tracks in total. Listen to each track for 7 days before moving on to the next. (Eg. Use Track 1 for the first 7 days before using Track 2.) You will end the program after 21 days.

It is recommended to listen to the tracks right before you sleep. Use with headphones for best experience.

Bonus tracks can be used anytime you like; no specific schedule to follow.

Note: Manifestation 3.0 is designed for maximum convenience and for you to get started right-away. So, the full program is delivered over the internet. Nothing is shipped. There is no waiting days (or weeks) for any postal delivery or missed shipments and no shipping charges.

Manifestation 3.0

Bonus Series

Bonus Track 1

Soundscape for Stress

Download Soundscape for Stress

Bonus Track 2

Sleep Accelerator

Download Sleep Accelerator

Bonus Track 3

Anxiety Tamer

Download Anxiety Tamer